Kieao, my favorite producer in the world, has decided to hit us with yet another exhilarating remix!

Kieao’s remix to “White Lies” is all about its vivacious vibes! The instrumental (Particularly the heartbeat-like drumming) pumps life into the track, while Jenni Potts, the lead singer, plays the perfect ally to Kieao’s phenomenal production by practically going along with every unpredictable turn it takes. Together, with her beautiful harmonizing and the beats heavy-hitting sound, listeners are treated to this lively gem that will effortlessly eek through your soul.

I really enjoy this songs energy! I feel Kieao did such a great job of letting the beat go haywire, as it takes us on this dreamy rollercoaster ride that has several bumps and glistening views. It’s almost like the beat is alive and loving life, which is much like the rest of Kieao’s wonderful work.