Its been a minute, Jeremih… I wonder what happened? Is it that the whole world was trying to jock your style, or were you cooking up something nice and bubbly for us to face plant into? Whatever the case may be, I missed listening to your lavish R&B music these past couple of months. 



1. CARDS RIGHT (5/5)

“Cards Right” is so damn smooth! It’s that baby making music, but in a way that is grown and sexy.

You know what people forget? Jeremih went to school for music, so he understands how to put together the perfect melody, harmony, and words to create a complete body of work; that is the first thing that comes to my mind when I listen to this song. “Cards Right” sounds so finely done, as Jeremih lets his woman know what it takes for her to get the best out of the Chicago native through some soothing vocals, gentle lyrics, and sensual vibes.



2. SMTS (4.5/5)

Christian readers, you don’t want to know what SMTS stands for….

So our hero started the song off with this vintage R&B track in “Cards Right,” but ends up going back to his savage roots in “SMTS.” On it, Jeremih keeps it straight with no chaser, describing the dirty things his lover does to him over this slow paced instrumental. I like the unorthodox flow he sings with on the track, and love how he tip toes through his words throughout.

Christian readers, SMTS does not stand for some special type of text message…



3. I’M READY (5/5)

I’m glad someone was finally smart enough to remix Pac’s beautiful “Keep Your Head Up” record.

“I’m Ready” is probably Jeremih’s most beautiful record on this project. It has this old school/Mo-town feel to it, and really has him tapping into his vocal ranges. Additionally, his lyrics are both meaningful and gentle, meaning it has no limit when it comes to being age appropriate.

Only Jeremih can sing this song right….



4. NYMPHO (3.5/5)

I hear what Jeremih was trying to do musically with this song, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark, for me. Yes, the vibes of the record are pretty dope, as it has this numbing feel to it, but I personally think Jeremih took too much of a backseat to it, practically sounding like he’s being walked by it through these ho hum lyrics and effortless vocal performance.

3/4 good songs is not bad, right?



Forgive me for sounding like a groupie here, but damn I missed Jeremih! His knack for making the perfect R&B song has been void in the music industry these last couple of months. In this short project, I like the fact that he left the gimmicky R&B music at home and brought back this smooth R&B sound that your average singing rapper (I know what I said) cannot make. Salute, Jeremih!