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Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones – Long Time Gone (Review & Stream)

Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones give us Rock & Roll in the purest of forms in “Long Time Gone”

Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones are a band that has made it a mission to give us this unique style of Bluesy rock that combines Funky soul and Sweet Americana together. For the most part, their music is like a walk down memory lane, as they use these earthy grooves and infectious harmonies to give us this vintage sound musically. In “Long Time Gone,” listeners get a glimpse of this sound, as the band provides us with this edgy tune that ravages through your soul and knocks your pictures off the wall with its heavy-hitting/electric sound.

I love three things about this song: It’s slow pace, it’s kick ass guitar-play, and Rob Larkin’s grittiness both lyrically and vocally. Each element shows this level of rebelliousness, which ultimately results in this foot-tapping/rambunctious tune that gets better and better as it goes on!

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