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Q-Tip – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Review & Stream)


Q-Tip and the lovely Demi Lovato make the perfect tandem in this remix to a classic.

You know the advantage Q-Tip has as a musical artist? No matter how bizarre a song he makes sounds, we are always OK with it, because we respect the hell out of his artistry. In this remake to “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” the NY based rapper sounds like he’s singing through his nose, but it’s alright, cause we love his funkdafied approach. but I will call it how it is: he doesn’t deserve to be on this song.

Demi sounds the part, giving us these beautiful vocals throughout. She reaches pitches higher than Dwight Howard can reach, n—a, sounding as vintage as 8 tracks and high waters.

How did this collaboration come about? I’m guessing they bumped into each other at a grocery store, or something.



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