F**k all you haters, Bhad Bhabie is the truth!

The first time I heard Bhad Bhabie was on a remix to “Roll In Peace,” and I thought she killed that s**t! On “Gucci Flops,” she continues to drop flames, delivering this sinister trap hit that has her flowing better than 85% of the rappers in the game (Seriously). The song is cocky as s**t, and contains her bragging about some designer s**t that she should probably no nothing about, but it’s too fire to ignore!

Even Yachty takes advantage of Bhad Bhabie’s winning ways, dropping his toughest verse yet. I knew Bhad Bhabie’s competitive ways would bring out the best in Yachty!

Haters gon’ hate Bhad Bhabie, keep doing your thing!