Joey Bada$$, IDK & Russ = Klay, Curry & Durant

IDK was on a mission on this song. Not only did he rep his city fantastically, but he also set the tone of the track with his witty bars and sleek punchlines. I swear, I have to get more hip to his music.

Joey Bada$$ has the second verse on this song, and he comes with this dark approach that has him sounding more like Lil ‘Peeved’ than Lil ‘Arrogant’. It’s one of those ‘I know I’m the s**t, so I’m not going to come with my hardest s**t’ verses.

I really like the way Russ raps, especially on songs these. He’s competitive, he’s cocky, and very clear and concise with his bars. I’m not surprised at all that he was able to hold his own against the other great rappers on the song.

I haven’t heard something as lyrical as this in a while.