Would you look at this, folks! The Weeknd has decided to drop a six track project tonight called “My Dear Melachony” as an early birthday gift for me (My Birthday is Saturday)! I’m honored, I’m appalled, and I’m bit choked up (But I actually think it’s these Flamin Cheetos that I’m currently eating thats got me choked up). Just because of that, I expect greatness, and a few lovely words for yours, truly. Ok, all jokes aside, I think the main reason we  were granted this project was because The Weeknd wanted to remind the people just how much of a staple he can be when it comes to soulful R&B music. Rumor has it, this album was inspired by his earlier projects, which means us as listeners should expect a whole lot of sappiness. Ladies and gentlemen, get your ice cream tubs and Kleenexs out.




It clearly takes a lot to impress Abel, and on “Try Me,” it seems like he’s found a woman that was able to.

You know what I think is a really good sound for The Weeknd? That whole fantasy one that has him coming across as one of those wise characters off of a ‘Final Fantasy’ game. His smooth voice just fits these type of songs well, and his detail-oriented lyrics aimed at letting his woman know that he’s aware of 97% of her daily movements is something one of those weird ass characters would know (Because they typically have telepathic like super powers).




I’m down for some wasted time! Since we’re already halfway through the album, I say we mix some Vodka with some rubbing alcohol so we can get a buzz quicker!

Unfortunately, The Weeknd and I are on different pages when it comes to the definition of “Wasted Time.” His definition revolves around finding a girl that is so perfect that he felt like he wasted time dealing with the chicks before her. Despite the lonely tone in his voice, content-wise, Able actually sounds pretty excited, laying out a couple of things that makes this girl he’s eyeing special to him. The song is a foot-tapping gem, and is probably the most energetic on the EP.




“Call Out My Name” is vintage Weeknd: It’s emotional, it’s dramatic, and has him crying like his parents told him he couldn’t stay up past 10. It’s an interesting way to open up the album, cause there is no hype factor to it all — just pure emotion.

Doesn’t this track remind you a bit of “Earned It” from the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ soundtrack? It has the same tempo and heavy-hitting drums. I think “Earned it” is one of his best songs to-date, so I’m definitely not mad at it.




I’m pretty sure the word ‘privilege’ has a f**kin’ ‘d’ in its spelling…

“Privilege” is pretty deep. It has this numbing tone to it production-wise, with The Weeknd coming across like a n***a that has been stabbed, dragged, head-butted and shot by love. I’m not sure how closely this song fits into Abel’s actual love life, but I’m not sure you can make all this hurt up.

I swear, The Weeknd is really good at making you feel sorry for him. I literally feel like I just heard a homeless man sing.




You know the first thing that my lady says when I ask her why she doesn’t like The Weeknd? She typically says, “He’s way too raw for my liking, always singing about nasty s**t that he wants to do to women.” That’s fair, and best believe I do my best to comfort her at the idea of a man being so ruthless, but deep down inside, I think The Weeknd is a genius for his unadulterated ways. With that being said, “Hurt You” is raw, repetitive, and has this ‘Euro club where ecstasy is being passed out like flu shots’ feel to it. The Weeknd delivers some sentimental words on the track from time to time, but it’s hard to get past his brash comment of wanting to f**k this girl he’s pursuing on the hook. It kinda catches you off guard because he says it with this angelic voice, which is probably why it sticks out to women.

I don’t hear ya’ll ladies complaining about all that freaky s**t Fetty Wap be singing about on his music… Mmmmhmmm.


1. CALL OUT MY NAME (4.5/5)

2.TRY ME (4.5/5)

3. WASTED TIMES (4.8/5)


5. HURT YOU (5/5)

6. PRIVILGE (4.5/5)




I guess this is classic Weeknd, right? The ‘true fans’ called for the sappy version of the Canadian to come back to them, and that is exactly what they got on “My Dear Melacholy.” I might be wrong here, but I think the world has become accustom to a more energetic/poppier version of the singer, mainly because he has been really good at making your average pop hit come alive with his outstanding vocals. Don’t get me wrong, I am amazed at the contributions he puts up on this EP,  but something about the other version of him excites me more.

Let me stop complaining and actually talk about the project…

It’s a small sample size, but I think it was just enough to allow me to create a bottom line; that bottom line is that The Weeknd is in another lane when it comes to R&B music. His ability to make cinematic tracks reign supreme, making you feel his words just as much as you hear them. I also like the way he is able to straddle the line between psychotic lover and playa throughout, switching between the two almost seamlessly. He’s undeniably masterful when it comes to his artistry, and has shown that the fame, the glory, and the Selena Gomez’s that come with being a music star has not changed him one bit.