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Deep C Divers – Smile For Better Days (Review & Stream)


Deep C Divers turn frowns upside down in the lively “Smile For Better Days”

Deep C Divers are a band from Boston, MA that specialize in delivering heart-warming rock music. Their versatility as a unit is one of the things that make them a special group, as each member has a certain trait to them that is unique both personality-wise and musically. In “Making Waves,” they come together as one, creating this joyous tune that relies on vibrant vocals, invigorating guitar-play and hard-hitting drumming. Content-wise, listeners are treated to nothing but pure/passionate words, as lead singer, Deep Chinappa, implores us to smile no matter what life throws at you. It’s truly a heartwarming song — one that can serve as the perfect remedy for a bad day.



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