Invasion Of Privacy’ is Cardi B’s highly anticipated debut studio album. It’s been almost a year since she released ‘Bodak Yellow’, which led to an explosion in her music career. The Bronx rapper went from Instagram skits to dislodging Taylor Swift from the number one spot on the Billboard hot 100. Other than ‘Bodak Yellow’, she has made contributions to other top charting songs, which made her one of the most exciting new artists in the hip-hop scene.

Despite her meteoric rise, Cardi B still has a lot to prove to a myriad of people (Critics, Fans, Haters, and other artists). Using Iggy Azalea’s career as an example, this isn’t the first time a female MC has approached the industry with a storm of confidence, energy, and hit songwriters but ended up disappearing in the shadow of that success. Cardi B’s energy is different though… She’s a hood chick who is not afraid of being who she is no matter the setting. She also has a lot of confidence and isn’t afraid of addressing the haters.



5. I DO

“I Do” features SZA on this song, and both artists create a feminist anthem. Cardi sends a powerful message with her lyrics to all the women of the world, telling them to do whatever they want to do no matter the circumstances. Eventually, both Cardi and SZA show off what female success can look like, flaunting their designer clothing, racks of cash, and rich boos.

Murda Beatz delivers a great trippy-trap beat on this track.




Other than her verses on ‘Bodak Yellow’, “Best Life” contains some of Cardi’s best verses.

“Best Life” features Chance the Rapper, and his chorus on this track is another reason to have this song on repeat. Cardi B also uses a lot of interesting metaphors on this track, showing the naysayers that she is more than capable of giving us some witty lyrical content.




Anytime you give Migos a beat with a flute on it, that s**t is gonna be fire.Cardi B.

“Drip” is a track in which both Cardi and the Migos let the world know that the ice on their bodies is beginning to thaw. Despite the ho hum topic they discuss, each artist really brings it lyrically, dropping some punchline heavy bars that are as competitive as it gets. Additionally, the song has an entertaining chorus that’s hard to forget and easy to have on repeat.

The chemistry she has with Migos is pretty good.




Bodak Yellow was released in 2017, and had been played millions of times according to all the major streaming services. Obviously, this song served as her career booster, and for all the close-minded MC’s of the world, it served as a wake up call that a stripper can drop better bars than you.

Does anyone hate this song? The energy is strong on it, Cardi’s lyrics are original, and she sounds very confident despite being a rookie at the time.




Cardi takes it back to her Hispanic roots on “I like it.”

The beat attached to this song is so culturally rich, sending you straight to any Hispanic country. Cardi fans, no need to worry, she’s still her fiery self on the track, making sure her presence is felt  through explosive bars that revolve around her stacks, sexual activity, and applied pressure to her foes. She leaves all the cultural stuff to J. Balvin and Bad Bunny.

If you think Bodak Yellow is Cardi at her best, you’re about to be surprised.


1. GET UP 10 (4.5/5)

2. DRIP (5/5)

3. BICKEN HEAD (1/5)


5. BE CAREFUL (4/5)

6. BEST LIFE (5/5)

7. I LIKE IT (5/5)

 8. RING (4/5)

9. MONEY BAG (2.5/5)


11. SHE BAD (3.5/5)


13. I DO (4/5)




Cardi B has proved a lot with this album. For people who expected 13 tracks similar to ‘Bodak Yellow’, they might hear something different; for those who expected 13 tracks of good music from an up and coming rapper, ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ is a hot dish that will certainly light you up! Cardi displayed some great creativity, lyricism, vocal quality, rhythm, and talent throughout. (Yes, she is hood and real!)