Finally, the wait is over and the Queen has arrived.

The anticipation for this single wasn’t built by Nicki Minaj, but by Cardi B. Yes, Cardi B’s album made everyone thirsty for what Nicki Minaj has to offer. When Nicki Minaj announced the arrival of her new singles, the internet went wild like she was releasing an album. That’s the kind of reception a Queen gets.

Nicki Minaj displays so many elements on ‘Barbie Tingz’. There is versatility in her flow and tempo as she delivers strong metaphors and rhymes. She raps in her verse ” It’s time to make hits and it’s time to diss”, as she keeps it real and takes shots at another female rapper — my guess is it’s Remy Ma because Cardi B didn’t diss her. Every verse presents a rainfall of lyricism, quality, rhymes, and flow from a rapper who’s ready to fight anyone in her way. Nicki Minaj is back!