Holy S**t! If Lil Twist doesn’t win after this song, I don’t know if he’s got a chance to stick in this game.

Lil Twist is supposed to be Wayne’s protege, but it seems like he hasn’t been able to take the training wheels off of his career. With “Fire & Desire,” there is a chance that all changes. Accompanied by a shouting ass Trippie Redd on the hook, Twizzy drops this gentle verse that revolves around the ins and outs of his relationship with his main joint. Somehow he still sounds like an adolescent, telling me that puberty can come late as hell for a few.

These are the type of tracks Wayne shines on. It’s not all the way sensual, but it has a nice little vibe to it. Unlike his music as of late, Wayne takes it easy, focusing on harmonizing (bad singing at that) as opposed to killer bars.

As crazy as he sounds on the hook, Trippie Redd kills that s**t!