24hrs and Soulja Boy link up for the vibrant “New Lay”

Despite the fact that he sounds like he did 4 lines of helium before he stepped in the booth, 24hrs puts on quite the show on this song! Not only does the ATL artist effectively rap with Big Tymers signature flow on his verse, but he also drops something catchy on the hook.

Soulja Boy used to shine rapping over beats like the one you hear on this song, so it only makes sense that he’s featured on “New Lay.” Interestingly enough, he does nothing but sing on the track, actually sounding better than 24hrs when it comes to his vocals. If this is gonna be Soulja’s new sound moving forward, I might renew my Soulja Boy fan card.

What’s a new lay? Is that a new bed? (I’m so lost…all the time)