Hip Hop

The Chainsmokers – Somebody (Ft. Drew Love) (Review & Stream)


I love The Chainsmokers because they are so white but they keep it moving!

The Chainsmokers dropped an EP yesterday titled “Sick Boy,” which I’m sure made each and every one of the white house’s interns happy. One of the stand outs from the EP is a track called “Somebody,” and it features our guy Drew Love. As expected, the track has a helluva break down that never happens, a high-pitched white guy on the hook, and a part on the song in which the beat gets drunk and starts dancing like a wasted vacationer. Believe it or not, I f**ks with the track, and can see myself getting high off boiled eggs to it.

Welcome to the Ratings Game, The Chainsmokers! (Can’t believe this is the first song I rated by them)




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