Red Cafe – Playoffs (Ft. Fabolous) (Review & Stream)

Speaking of playoffs, they’ve been really good this year!

Red Cafe and Fabolous have built quite the rapport, linking up 0n numerous tracks together throughout the years. Today, they collaborate once more for this banger dedicated to the NBA playoffs.

To call this track catchy is the biggest understatement in music history. Though simple, the hook that Red Cafe hits you with will get stuck in your head, gradually getting you hyped up as you hear it more and more. On his verse, he does a good job of staying on the topic, relating some of life’s biggest luxuries to professional basketball.

Anytime you get to hear Fabolous talk about sports, expect fire! On this track, not only is he dishing out some pretty good punchlines, but he also gives us this infectious melody.

I got Golden State winning it all, BTW.



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