Usually when a song mentions anything related to “moving like a gypsy,” it will make you do just that. This is no exception!

Lets face it ladies and gentlemen, with all the hot summer jams artists have been showering us with the past couple of weeks, it was only a matter of time before Pitbull graced us with an appearance. Here, he brings his signature hype energy which boosts every track he gets on.

Breaking out of his role as the “Latin King of Pop,” Enrique Iglesias embraces auto-tune with a dab of rap on “Move To Miami.” He literally did not sing at all on this song which threw me for bit of a loop, but I loved every second of it!

This is a classic club hit, which seems to be the result every time these two artists get together. Remember how big of a hit “I Like It” was in the summer of 2010? Well this one is even better, in my opinion!