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John Mayer – New Light (Review & Stream)


“New Light” marks the return of America’s favorite douche bag — John Mayer! 

John Mayer hasn’t been M.I.A. for that long, it just feels like he has been. Just last year, he dropped a 12 track project titled “The Search for Everything,” and music fans everywhere simply didn’t care about it as much as his previous work. Today, it looks like he decided to give this whole music thing another try, releasing this funky new track called “New Light.” As expected, John’s voice is still strong, his words are still very charming, and No I.D., the one that produced the track, is still a beast at making beats. I love when things stay the same!



2 thoughts on “John Mayer – New Light (Review & Stream)

  1. How dare you say no one cared about tsfe? People who like to listen good music care about mayer, how come you don’t know that his tsfe tour crossed $50 million ? Look whoever wrote this review if you don’t know your job just do something else no ? Don’t be an asshole 😚

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