Natalie Lucassian shows some serious vulnerability in the impassioned “Restless”

Natalie Lucassian is more than just a talented singer, she is also a phenomenal songwriter. On “Restless,” Natalie treats listeners to this powerful tune in which she pours her heart out about the struggle that constantly goes on in her head between ‘right and wrong’ and ‘despair and happiness.’ As expected, the song oozes with emotions, as the Detroit, Michigan native chose to cancel out any hard-hitting production or rambunctious vibes in favor of some bone-chilling guitar-play and heartfelt vocals. As a result, the song will certainly give you goosebumps.

Natalie’s ability to create songs that paint vivid pictures of her fragile emotions is what catches my attention the most when it comes to her artistry. Make sure you check out more from her at the following links below: