Blue Angel

RGF – Blue Angel (Review & Stream)

RGF’s “Blue Angel” challenges the norm musically, forcing you to think outside of your lonely little box.

Musicians everywhere, listen up! If you want to get any kind of message across in your music, I highly recommend you deliver it in a powerful/hard-hitting way similar to what RGF did on “Blue Angel.” Seriously, the moment you press play on this song, your ears are hit with this blast of heavy-hitting drumming, explosive guitar-play and unruly vocals. It’s almost like the song catches you off guard by blind siding you with relentless energy.

One of the most important things about this song that might get lost in translation is the wonderful words of wisdom the lead singer lends us throughout: It’s uplifting, it’s honest, and most importantly, it’s rebellious! Remember, America loves rebels! (And don’t you forget that)

Make sure you check out more from the crew below:




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