Dave East

Slim 400 – Nerd N***as (Ft. The Game and Dave East) (Review & Stream)


The Game and Dave East are cut from the same gun-toting/pistol-whipping cloth

Despite having their issues in the past, I think when the west coast and east coast link up, it’s typically solid — this song proves my point. While I’m not feeling the lady on the hook or Slim 400’s verse all that much, Dave East and The Game do put up some pretty hot contributions when it’s their chance to spit. First off, on Dave’s part, he raps like he has the beat on a string, effortlessly hurling out the trillest of lines. On The Game’s go round, he tries to bully the beat, aggressively calling out the 12’s and reminding the listeners of his gangsta ways. Overall, the track is a quick shakedown of the game, and trust me, Slim Jesus and I are definitely shook.

The Game is one of my favorite rappers of all time.



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