Nicky Jam – Live It Up (Ft. Will Smith and Esra Istrefi) (Review & Stream)


Holy s**t, Will Smith is serious about this rap comeback.

The FIFA world cup is approaching us fast, which means we need some theme songs, people! “Live It Up” is one of them, and it’s reggae roots is perfect for the major event. Powered by this exuberant Diplo beat, Esra and Nicky Jam go back and forth about living it up, sounding like the 2018 version of Sean Paul and Sasha. Will Smith (Yes, Men In Black’s very own, Will Smith) finds a way to sprinkle in a few colorful verses into the song, and it is aimed to get Americans excited about a world cup that doesn’t feature team USA.

Who do we root for in this world cup? Let’s go Mexico?



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