Lee Perreira lets the world know where his dreams came all about in “Born In Da LBC”

I’ll gladly pit the talented Lee Perreira against any other musician you consider exceptional. Not only does he dabble in singing, songwriting and guitar-playing, but he also has this canny ability to blend the gentleness of blues music with the addictive excitement of rock music in a good chunk of his tunes. In “Born In Da LBC,” a single off of his new project, “What’s That Gotta Do With My Dreams,” the Californian gives us something that is heartwarming, sanguine, and hella infectious! While listening to the track, you’ll find it impossible not to bob your head or tap your feet, as Perreira does a great job of putting this vivid picture in your mind of what it’s like to be from  California’s coastal city.

Is there any way we can get fellow LBC native, Snoop Dogg, on the remix to this song? I’ll start the petition now.

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