I know it seems pretty cruel, but any type of publicity is good publicity — even if that means getting shot at in New York. Well that’s what Chief Keef has working for him right now, and I think it is extremely smart that he decided to capitalize on this near tragedy by releasing this brand new EP called “Ottopsy.”



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What does Chief Keef mean by he is everywhere? This guy officially scares the hell out of me.

There are a few things Chief Keef does on this song that caught my attention:

1. He surprised me by doing some high-pitched singing in the background of the hook. Do you know how many times I looked at the track-list to this album to see if this particular song featured Pharrell?

2. I actually f**ked with the persistence that Keef rapped with on his verses. He made sure to say something appealing on nearly every line.

3. He continuously stated that he’s still rockin’ Yeezys. I’m surprised he still supports him.

Chief Keef continues to grow as an artist, evidenced by this song.




A water resort would be clutch right now! Wait, they are talking about swimming and s**t on this song, right? (I will be so heartbroken if they are actually talking about shooting people)

I f**ks with “Water Resorts” rhythm. Correct, at times Keef does sound a bit off-beat on his raps, but something about the way the song flows, its simplistic hook and violent lyrics are super appealing to me!

You gotta be careful with artists like Keef — The title of a song they made could be sweet as s**t, but somehow/someway, the real meaning behind it could be about shooting someone.



“Gang Gang” opens up this short project, and it has Keef sounding as exuberant as I’ve ever heard him sound. Not only does he rap with this pep to his step, but his delivery is also clear and concise. He almost sounds unrecognizable on the track.

Everybody is repping ‘gang gang’ these days, but Chief’s ‘gang gang’ sounds like they are all about having reckless fun! According to him, they’re smashing women, indulging in relationship troubles, and traveling around the country despite being on house arrest. How can I sign up for such enjoyment?


1. GANG GANG (4.5/5)

2. WATER RESORT (4.6/5)

3. I NEED MORE (3.5/5)


5. RANDOMLY (2.9/5)




Believe it or not, this project isn’t horrible! (This is a major improvement from his “Glo Files” nonsense) Every track is at the minimum ‘tolerable,’ and his presence throughout is pretty potent. I also thought musically, he was able to show off a variety of styles, something a fairweather fan of his wouldn’t think he was capable of showing. Aside from that, the project contains a couple of catchy hooks, decent raps, and a minimum amount of mumbling. I can somewhat dig it.