Be Yourself

Taylor Bennett – Be Yourself (Ft. Bianca Shaw) (Review & Stream)


I get that it’s pride month and all, but can someone tell this n***a Chance Jr. to put some pants on, for Christ Sake!

You know what I love about the Bennett kids? They are never afraid to tell it how it is whenever they make a record. In this new track by Taylor Bennett, he lets that be known more than ever, dropping this adorable tune that has him questioning a bunch of s**t that happened in his life (Good & Bad). The flow he raps with is nothing less than relentless, and the energy he gives off is inspiring.

If Bianca and Taylor aren’t dating, then I’ll be confused as f**k. Anyway, Shaw is at the end of this song, and she sounds pretty bad. She literally sounds like she’s singing while being dragged down a hallway (I know this song is about positivity, but we can’t let this slide).

I didn’t know Taylor Bennett was Bi-sexual. I’m happy that he was able to come out!



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