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Fetty Wap – Bruce Wayne (Review)


Fetty Wap has been pretty damn consistent this year. It started with the release of his “FMF 3” project — a solid body of work that reminded me of his old music. Today, the New Jersey native decided to drop yet another project (A day early at that) called “Bruce Wayne,” and it looks to feature a version of Fetty that is motivated to show the world his versatility.




I know this track doesn’t have much music on it, but it definitely gives you a reminder of all the tight ass records Fetty made back in the day.




“So Different” is definitely different… In a bad way.

So lets talk about some of the things I like about this song first: I like the vibes of it, as it gives off this summertime feel production-wise. I also like SOME of Fetty Wap’s harmonizing on the track, as at times he actually sounds like a legit crooner.

Now to the bad..

I don’t know if you would consider it Fetty trying too hard, but there are times on this song that our hero sounds flat out horrible. Occasionally, it felt like I was listening to three versions of the n***a morphing into the incredible Hulk. Why would he ever think that s**t sounded OK?

I love Fetty’s intentions on this song, but on the real, this s**t is lowkey bad. His intentions got it a top 5 entry, though.




When Fetty is in love, I swear that he sounds like he’s on anesthesia.

I’ll keep it real with you: “Wavy” is corny as hell. The instrumental sounds cheesy, the lyrical content Fetty was able to deliver on his verses are both simple and corny, and his singing is putrid. But something about the song still catches my attention, and it is probably its catchiness. Damn Fetty and his egregious/addictive hooks and verses.




It’s usually frustrating when Fetty Wap thinks he can sing like a R&B artist, but on “All For You,” his singing is not all that bad! First and foremost, Fetty picked the perfect sensual instrumental to croon over, and from there, he gave us something that is at least ‘respectable’ vocally. Not only does he hit a few notes that would make your grandfather proud on his verses, but if you listen to this song with your eyes closed, at times you would think Slim from 112 was on it.



What if Batman had one eye, bro?

“Bruce Wayne” is one of the few tracks on this EP that I would consider authentic/non-bulls**ted music. You don’t get any bad harmonizing or gimmicky lyrics from our hero on it, just a few real ass lyrics revolving around his money, gutter mindset and more money.




I’m pretty sure strawberry kush is what made J.R. Smith think the score was tied in game 1 of the finals last Sunday.

I don’t know about you, but I think Fetty excels the most when he’s on some kiddy s**t like this. The production to this song has a colorful feel, while Fetty gets on his lovey dovey s**t on both his verses and the chorus, literally sounding like he’s counting roses while talking about how much he loves his chick. I lowkey love it.



2. SO DIFFERENT (3.7/5)


4. LOOK AT ME (3/5)

5. BRUCE WAYNE (4.5/5)

6. ALL FOR YOU (4/5)

7. STAR STRUCK (3.9/5)

8. WESTIN (3.4/5)

9. WHAT WE DO (3.3/5)

10. WAVY (3.9/5)

11. HIT SOME CORNERS (2.6/5)




Fetty Wap isn’t the most favorable artist in the hip hop game right now, but I do admire his willingness to step outside of the box when he makes music. On this particular project, the NJ artist does lots of experimenting, singing, rapping, and even giving us something appealing enough for the club-goers of the world to feel. Some times his experimenting falls flat, and some times it actually works (Not a lot of times). Nonetheless, I think this project is something you should check out, just don’t expect a classic or anything.

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