Cyborg Asylum- Paradigm Shift (Review & Stream)

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 Cyborg Asylum gives a little something to the electro lover, the post-industrial rock lover and the alternative rock lover on their new single “Paradigm Shift.”

Cyborg Asylum, a band made up of David Varga and John Tumminia, have a signature sound that spans over multiple genres and even more professional accolades under their belts. The band shows off their expertise to the creation of “Paradigm Shift.”

There are certain songs that even on shuffle sound like a closing track; this is one of them. The instrumental attached to it reminds me a bit of an Incubus song, and the transitions from verse to verse caught my attention for its smoothness. There is also a futuristic vibe that stems from Cyborg Asylum’s electro influence which blends right in with their post-industrial sound.

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