A song called “Rich Sex” by Nicki Minaj dropped on a rainy Monday at 12PM (Her marketing team is amazing). 

Believe it or not, this song is as tough as it gets! First off, the instrumental has this gritty tone to it, almost reminding me of a slowed up version of “F**k up some commas” by Future. From there, Nicki takes over, giving us this punchline heavy verse that has her calling shots and coming across like a complete boss. Additionally, the hook she follows her verse up with is simple yet infectious enough to catch your attention.

The beat attached to this song is fire, and you would think that it’s perfect for Wayne to kill, but instead, he comes on the track f**king around. I’ve always thought some of Waynes best verses were the ones he f**ked around on (ie. Pop bottles and Party Like a Rockstar), but this serious ass beat required focused Wayne, and we simply didn’t get it!

Nicki definitely has a hit with this track.