Best of My Generation (Johnny Rotten) "the back your punk ass up song"

Fans of Jimmy Century – Best of My Generation (Johnny Rotten) “the back your punk ass up song” (Review & Stream)

Fans of Jimmy Century’s time is now, and if you think otherwise, prepare to be told to BACK YOUR PUNK ASS UP!

In my humbling opinion, this song is nothing less than epic! It starts off sounding like the beginning of a 90’s detective movie, but then turns into this heavy-hitting jam that is designed to get you all the way out of your seat!

The ringleader of all the mayhem behind “Back Your Punk Ass Up” is Alicia Perrone, the lead singer of the group. From start to finish, she brings this level of energy that is explosive, hostile, and quite frankly, kick ass! I love the confidence she displays in her every word, as she does her best to convince us all that she is the greatest human being to walk planet earth. I also like the high-octane energy that guitarist Victor James infuses into the track. Without his explosive instrumental, we may not get an as outspoken Alicia.

I love this song, but in all honesty, the music video is legendary! I couldn’t stop laughing at all the randomness that goes on in it. Fans of Jimmy Century, I’m backing all the way up so I can make room to bow down to you.



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