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Gritsmitten – Do Me Wrong (Review & Stream)

Do Me Wrong” will absolutely blow your mind musically, and I’m all the way here for it!

I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with the many different elements Gritsmitten was able to incorporate on this song. First off, you get this mellow hip hop instrumental that relies heavily on  vibes. From there, a power struggle ensues between two high and low-pitched singers, forcing you to pick a side when it comes to vocalization. Finally, you get this wildly infectious snippet of a regular sounding artist throughout the song that continuously states that he “Started off with half and he flipped it to a double.” He is the one that gets everything to make sense, but hell, I didn’t mind being confused the whole time.

I think the song succeeds when it comes to feel-good vibes, and absolutely excels in creativity. I love when musicians step outside of the box like this!



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