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6LACK – Switch (Review & Stream)

When is 6LACK going to start living up to the hype? (Thinking out loud)

Already being touted as an anti-star, 6LACK talks about wanting to switch roles with anyone that’s willing to step into his shoes, mainly because he’s tired of having cameras all in his face and dealing with women that change on him because of his fame. I love that the song has this grungy/drowsy/heavy-hitting feel to it that sorta toys with your emotions throughout (Should I dance or cry?). I also love the lethargic style of singing 6LACK gives us on his contributions — it makes his frustrations sound even realer.

I’ll gladly switch lives with you, 6LACK! I can spend your millions of dollars while you can take care of this dusty ass fridge I was supposed to clean a week ago! Don’t worry about me, I do well with cameras in my face 🙂 (I was just on Live PD the other day)




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