“The Cactus Song” is musical brilliance beyond comprehension. Artists all over, be inspired!

You know what I adore about music like this? It highlights unconventional love, and I truly believe love is at its finest when it is unconventional. With that being said, the creation of this song by Djo Life lets me know that he saw all of our unconventional love stories and wanted to take things a notch farther.

Musically, “The Cactus Song” sounds as normal as any one of your favorite love songs, boasting this absolutely touching sound in the beginning of it that ultimately turns into this bright and sunny gem that’s passionate, exuberant and heartwarming. There is a catch to the song, though, and it revolves around the fact that it is based on a plant! Yes, our hero takes the time to admire all the finer things of his spikey love interest, while acknowledging that he is heartbroken that he isn’t able to hug it, kiss it or even take it on a movie date because of the pain that it inflicts on him (Probably because spikes hurt). I’ve seen lots of bizarre relationships (Including Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra’s relationship), but this might just take the cake. For the sake of human sanity, I hope that Djo Life is using this cactus as a metaphor for a women he thinks is untouchable. If not, he better treat that Cactus like it’s the only Cactus in this world! Heart <3

So what do you guys think: Is he talking about a cactus or a human being?