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Mark Universe – Elbow Drop (This That) (Review & Stream)

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Mark Universe looks to motivate those on the grind in the highly infectious “Elbow Drop.”

If you haven’t heard of Mark Universe by now, you must be letting that rock you’re living under take full advantage you. Seriously, Mark has bars, puts together some of the most complete records you will hear in rap today, and most importantly, doesn’t mind serving listeners with very useful wisdom. In his latest track, “Elbow Drop,” the Alabama native delivers this absolute banger for us that features a fierce instrumental, memorable hook and lots of high-octane energy. But what I like most about the track is Mark’s relentless bars on his verses, as he aims to remind individuals that no matter how big an obstacle that you’re facing is, go hard, and the outcome might end up in your favor. As expected, he gives us these wise words using a consistent flow and aggressive style that matches the intensity of the beat.

On the real, how can you not like this song?



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