Dave East

Dave East – Fresh Prince of Belaire (Ft. Rick Ross) (Review & Stream)


I (Slight pause) pulled (Slight pause) up to the club around 7 or 8 and said to uber, “Yo homes, I’m drunk, I’ll see ya later!”

Dave East and Rick Ross would be considered two of hip hop’s biggest gangsta rappers, but on the low, they are also both decent businessmen. In their newest track together, they look to promote one of their sponsors in the trillest way possible, dropping tough ass bars centered around their bossy lifestyles. Each rapper uses this real n***a approach on their verses throughout, nonchalantly describing the infatuation the groupies of the world show them whenever they are in the building.

This song sounds nothing like the theme song to the actual Fresh Prince of Bel Air sitcom. I was actually hoping it would.



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