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Bow Wow – Woah (Ft. Puff Daddy) (Review & Stream)

Bow Wow has now worked with both Puff Daddy and the poor man’s Puff Daddy (Jermaine Dupri) in his career.

Can you guys let me know if I’m being too disrespectful? I don’t mean to be at all, I usually just say the first thing that comes to my head when I write. In this case, I grew up loving Puff Daddy’s ad-libs, so when I heard Jermaine Durpi ad-lib, I always felt like it was a poor-mans version of what Puff Daddy was doing at the time. No shade, I just saw it that way… Alright, f**k it, on to the song…

“Woah” is the definition of a banger. The instrumental attached to it is made for the clubs, Bow Wow’s rhymes are as elementary/dumbed down as it gets, and every single lyric he spews revolves around women and their vivacious asses. The formula should result in success, especially if listeners are able to look past the fact that it is Bow Wow that made it.



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