Buddy – Trippin’ (Review & Stream)

I’m putting my money on this Buddy album being solid.

You cannot find a bigger fan of Buddy than yours truly! What I like most about him is that he makes meaningful music that is strictly for the real ones walking this earth. In his latest effort, “Trippin’,” he gives us yet another spirited banger in which he raps aggressively about both the reckless and wise movements he makes in these streets. You get some alcohol sippin’, some weed smoking, and lots of big talk.

While I usually like Buddy when he sings rather than raps, I’m OK with him leaving all of the singing duties on this song to Khalid. As expected, Khalid’s soulful voice adds even more struggle to the song, successfully making you feel like that last glass of wine you took before you hopped in the uber was a reckless decision to make.

N***as need to get hip to Buddy, ASAP!





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