Big Baby DRAM loves life more than all of us combined!

Summertime is alive and well, folks! DRAM made sure it had a pulse with this electrifying new track called “Celebrate Life.” On it, he sings his ass off, giving us this passionate performance that has him sounding like a preacher, a Latin dance instructor and a circus ringleader all at the same time. Matter of fact, something about his contributions on this track reminds me of Jim Carrey’s role on the Mask.

Ant Beale is also featured on “Celebrate Life,” and he pumps it with something that is both auto-tune heavy, and quite frankly, normal. Shout out to the n***a for adding something relatable to the normal people of the world on his verses.

Charlie Heat produced this track, and he absolutely killed it! He clearly was one of those producers that grew up with several different cultures around him.