SlickMick turns one of the worst incidents in his life into a lyrical onslaught on “Dance With A Car In Pattaya.”

Being hit by a car sucks! When an incident like that occurs, a million things crosses the minds of everyone involved, and that’s only if they’re lucky enough to still have one after it happens. Fortunately for us, SlickMick was able to survive being hit by a car, and in this brand new music video called “Dance With A Car in Pattaya,” he was willing to talk about all of the things that went through his head during and after the tragic event. In his storytelling, there is a lot of heartbreak, anger and frustration, but ultimately, at the very end, you get triumphant words from our resilient hero.

What I like most about this track is that it has this sobering feel production-wise, allowing Slick’s words to really pierce at your soul throughout. I also enjoy how descriptive Slick’s verses are, as he makes every word, feeling and expression that he felt at the time come to life through his bars.

If I made a song about my car crashes, 85% of it will contain f bombs. Way to keep your composure, Slick!