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Young Scooter – Jugg King (Remix) (Ft. Rick Ross and T.I.) (Review & Stream)

I feel like Rick Ross does a good job of bringing out ‘demented’ T.I.

“Jugg King” is already a hot ass song, so when you add Rick Ross and T.I. to it, you should expect to get something that is Las Vegas hot, right? Hmmm…

Ross and T.I. occupy the first two verses of this track, and they each give off two different kind of vibes: Ross more of a bossed up one, and T.I. more of a creepy one (he sounds like he’s putting his young dude onto game while they are prepping to rob an old lady’s house on his verse). Their parts definitely don’t add much to the already dope song.

I want to be a Jugg king, guys! How do I sign up?





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