Someone call the police, Jamit’s “Such is Not” just held me and my mind captive for six minutes and counting!

Jamit is an EDM producer from Melbourne, Australia that sees no boundaries or public perceptions when it comes to making music. He’s the definition of a conceptional musician, and his willingness to make music that derives straight from his unique mind is refreshing. In “Such Is Not,” Jamit gets his unique mind to work overtime, providing us with this outer space/video game-like instrumental that does a great job of hypnotizing your mental throughout. In-between, you do get a few short samples of a random male and female dropping some knowledge for us in both English and Spanish, but they do little to nothing to get the song to make much sense. But who needs things to make sense, anyway? I say you indulge in the complicated!

I really enjoy music like this, because it utilizes the one thing we tend to neglect: Our Imagination. I love that Jamit thought outside of the box when it came to showing emotions, senses, and musical conventions on “Such Is Not” — An approach I think more artists should emulate. Well done, Jam!