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101 Da Exclusive – For That (Review & Stream)

101 Da Exclusive’s “For That” is a four minute lesson on keeping s**t real.

I don’t know how else to say this, but I f**king love every aspect about “For That!” First and foremost, the passion both 101 Da Exclusive and Kash show on it is downright chilling, as each artist makes it a mission to let the world know how they hustled and grinded their way to the top. Secondly, I love how both 101 and Kash rap pretty dynamically throughout their verses,  seamlessly shifting between aggressive spitter and smooth singer throughout.

Lowkey, this song has a lot of wisdom attached to it. Our heroes’ insistence on calling out snakes, not f**king with drugs and flat-out growing up is actually very inspiring.

Make sure you check out “For That” at the top of the page! Also, make sure to follow 101 Da Exclusive on his journey to the top HERE!



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