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The Internet – Hive Minds (Album Review)


If Nickelodeon ever wanted to make an updated version of their classic “Are You Afraid of The Dark” show featuring nothing but black kids, I’m pretty sure the cast would look similarly to The Internet. The group looks cool, carefree, and like college students that are living off of cup of noodles and Kool aid Jammers. But don’t let their look distract you from the fact that musically they are pretty awesome! 

The Internet features five members, but let’s be real, we actually only know about one: Syd. The lone female singer in the group has a voice that can move mountains, and something about her character is hella charming. Well, that’s just one of the reasons you should listen to this album, the other being that our heroes have this ability to grab a hold of R&B music and take it anywhere they want to take it. Think kidnapping, but in a good way 🙂 

TOP 5 




“Come Together” is great, because I feel like every member in the group gets a chance to shine equally on it. I can hear Syd just as much as I can hear the instrumentalists, and together, they create this airy gem that does exactly what the title suggests: Get people to sit in a room together and work s**t out. There isn’t many words on the song, just beautiful instrument-play and smooth singing. 

How much do you want to bet that they had this song playing in the background of the Putin and Donald Trump summit meeting? We’ll start the bet at 10 cents. 




I’m about to breakdance in this muthaf**ka! I’m bout to cabbage patch like s**t! 

I don’t know how else to say it, but “Roll (Burbank)” is weird as s**t. But not in a bad way, more in a ‘Nev Schulman from Catfish’ way.  It contains this 90’s inspired instrumental that is upbeat and all, clapping, and some hazy singing from Syd and Steve Lacy. It’s dynamic, but a bit bizarre. Nonetheless, it’s one of their most experimental projects on the album, which is one of the reasons I f**ks with it. 



4. LA DI DA 

“La Di Da” is funky, has this salsa feel to it, and features some pretty phenomenal energy. With such uniqueness, I expected Syd to shine bright, and she absolutely does! Throughout, I feel like she toys with the beat, switching between an effortless version of singing and a happy-go-lucky one. 

Surprisingly, my favorite part about this song is Steve Lacy’s part on the hook. In my opinion, he nails the vibes of the song, giving off this slippery contribution that makes me think to myself, “damn, I can do what he did, too if I was in his shoes!” Even Syd sounds surprised at dude’s singing, because her ad-libs during his singing sounds like ones you would do if you randomly gave the mic to a n***a in the crowd and he was killin’ s**t. 

That song just has me feeling all good inside! It makes me forget that I still owe $78,000 in student loans. 




Just when you thought you can walk all over Syd, she comes back with sarcastic shade in “Bravo.”

Uh oh, it sounds like someone was caught doing Syd wrong 👀. Maybe I have a chance now, no? Anyway, “Bravo” features a version of Syd that is cold, perturbed and very calculated. Content-wise, she lets her (I’m assuming) ex know that she’s fed up with her, and that s**t can’t be fixed by rubbing whipped cream on their body and licking their lips til it’s completely out of ashiness (that’s what I think someone who did something wrong in a romantic relationship would try to do to fix things).

Instrumentally, the fellas provide Syd with something that sounds half-sunny and half-tumultuous (Sunny D! Sunny D was tumultuous, right? Ok, I’ll stop with the corny comparisons). I like it a lot, as it gasses Syd to continue to be spiteful. 




“Come Over” was created to give you the feels. Matte of fact, I started taking off my shirt listening to it! (And it ain’t even hot in this muthaf**ka!)

When she wants to, Syd can be a very seductive singer. She has this ability to hypnotize us into wanting to be with her through some pretty sensual lyrics and exotic vocals. In “Come Over,” that’s exactly what you get — a sultry jam in which Syd lets us all know that she’s home alone, needs company, and is willing to do whatever I want to do if I come over (I say watch Family Feud naked while eating some Cool Whip). Her sweet talking on the song is impressive, but I think I like her ability to musically rub the exuberant instrumental with her sexy ass toes, causing it to be her slave.

Steve’s solo at the end of this song is amazing. Who knew a human being can abuse a guitar that much! I also thoroughly enjoyed his little piece at the end about b*tches wanting diamond rings and s**t.




This song is flat out amazing! I feel like it features Syd’s best performance on the album, as she sings high in pitch and harmonizes like an angel throughout it.

Aside from Syd’s phenomenal contributions vocally, this track also has this 90’s feel to it production-wise that is highly infectious. I literally had flashbacks to the days when I used to listen to the Brandys, Monicas and Tinys of the world as it was playing.

Syd’s heartfelt words about keeping our heads up and being positive on her verses was downright chilling, to me. I literally did that uncomfortable laugh and started looking around to see if I can cry without any witnesses looking at me while I was listening to it.

I purposely skipped acknowledging the poem and the rap part at the end of this song. I didn’t really care for it. I respect their effort, though.


1. COME TOGETHER (4.5/5)

2. ROLL (BURBANK) (4/5)

3. COME OVER (5/5)

4. LA DI DA (4.5/5)

5. STAY THE NIGHT (4.5/5)

6. BRAVO (5/5)

7. MOOD (4/5)




11. WANNA BE (4/5)

12. BEAT GOES ON (3.5/5)

13. HOLD ON (4.5/5)




Since The Internet reminds me of college kids, I decided to do my conclusion in Cliff Notes form: 

  • “Hive Mind” is a near flawless body of work. There isn’t a single bad song on it. 
  • It’s painfully obvious that Syd should be considered one of the top R&B singers in the game. She has the whole package, to me, including a great voice, swagger, and understanding of how to channel her emotions.
  • I love how Syd gets lost in every instrumental on this album. It’s almost like she treats each beat like it was a swimming pool, mainly swimming in 3-5ft of water with the mere mortals, but when she wants to, floating in the deep end, saying nana nana boo boo to us losers that can’t swim that deep.
  • Yes, Syd shines bright on this album, but don’t sleep on the other members of the group’s contribution — they presented us with instrumentals that were pure, dynamic, and very complimentary of the lead singer’s variety of emotions. 
  • Doesn’t it feel like the group as a whole decided to take the creation of each song one minute at a time on this album? I feel like there’s times I can see one member in the group saying: “Yo, you know what would be tight? How about we add a flute to the last 2 minutes of this song? Nah, Nah, nah, even better, how about so and so do some poetry at the end of Syd’s verse.” 
  • I know she’s a lesbian, but cot damnit, Syd’s sensuality makes me want to get a piece of her!
  • I know, a good chunk of this album is about love and heartbreak, yadda yadda, but I personally never get tired of the topic on this project. In my opinion, it was tackled right — organically and very honestly. 
  • The titles of the songs on this album are dope as s**t. 
  • The battle of Gettysburg was fought over 200 years ago. 
  • I don’t know if I’ve openly heard a girl talk about pursuing another girl on an album this much. 
  • Are we convinced The Internet aren’t aliens that traveled to the future to make us feel exactly how Ally McBeal felt back in the day? I mean seriously, many artists try to emulate 90’s music, but they did it to near perfection on “Hive Mind.”
  • This group is very unified. I can tell each individual was involved in the thinking process of how each song should come out, which is very refreshing to listen to. Bravo to them (And I mean that in a good way, not in the sarcastic way you heard on track six).
  • Who wants to buy me The Internet concert tickets? I think it’ll be dope to see them in concert. 

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