Roddie Mira is in search of real love in “No Loyalty,” and doesn’t mind navigating through the distractions to find it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am in love with this song! Everything about It sounds so damn real and relatable, to me. On it, both Roddie Mira and Dilara Twixx talk about the power sweet talking can have on both an on-going relationship and during the pursuit of one. Throughout, they give some pretty good pointers on what words to dodge, even giving examples of what they might sound like when they are put to use.

I love the overall smoothness of this record, as it feels like every  single lyric was laid down with great gentleness and care by both artists. I also enjoy Roddie’s ability to keep you on your toes with a few different styles, bringing the most out of the somber instrumental he was served with.

Who hasn’t got burnt by a sweet talking individual before? Just yesterday, I stupidly bought some random girl a drink because she called my cheek bones heaven-sent.