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Logic – One Day (Ft. Ryan Tedder) (Review & Stream)


Logic dreams big on the colorful “One Day.”

Honestly, feel good music like this is where I think Logic shines the brightest. Something about his aggressive nature fits in nicely with gentle surroundings. On this track, he lets loose, rapping about all the things he accomplished and hopes to accomplish in his lifetime. His bars come out super aggressive, and his insistence on staying on topic is well-appreciated.

Ryan Tedder completes this song, giving it the top 40 pop sound that it needs. He also gives the track a lot of passion, joyfully harmonizing like a dude that just found out that his parking was validated by his hotel. He also sounds Bruno Mars-esque.

Logic has dropped 4-5 joyful songs, but watch, n***as are going to still want him to perform that 1800 song in concert.



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