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Mr MooQ- Dreaming In Color (Review & Stream)

Mr MooQ brings the ’80’s back to life by “Dreaming In Color,” just like Dorothy brought Oz to life in her colorful dreams.

Judging by the fact that he decided to pursue his passion for music just three years ago, it’s safe to say that Mr MooQ’s ability to create a hit is natural-born.  You get a glimpse of this in “Dreaming With Color.”

It’s hard to fight the urge to sway and snap your fingers to this euphoric tune. From the surreal instrumental to the romantic lyrics, Mr MooQ has a way of making the listener feel like they are on cloud nine.

The composition and sound quality on “Dreaming In Color” are expertly mixed and complement Mr MooQ’s vocals immaculately. Additionally, the song has a nostalgic and pleasantly soothing feel to it that makes me want to keep pressing replay.

You can stream “Dreaming In Color” and some of Mr MooQ’s other songs on Spotify and Apple Music.




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