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YG – Handgun (Ft. A$AP Rocky) (Review & Stream)

YG and A$AP Rocky are unique artists, but their styles mesh really well on “Handgun.”

The production to this song has a sound that is unique for YG, but perfect for A$AP Rocky. YG still kills it, as he navigates through the track with ease, reminding us all that he hasn’t swayed an inch away from his gangsta ways from the past. I f**k with the Compton rapper’s playful verse, but the hook he dropped was a bit questionable.

As I stated earlier (Like a paragraph ago), the beat to this song fits A$AP perfectly! Because of that, he does his thing, using a myriad of flows that all ride the beat excellently. I also f**k with his somewhat light-hearted content about his upbringing, clothing style and lack of respect for women.



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