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Josh Christina – Friend Zone (Review & Stream)


Being in the “Friend Zone” isn’t typically the most desirable thing in the world, but Josh Christina sure does make the topic sound like a lot of fun.

Josh Christina is clearly a time traveler. I am about 93% sure he was born in the ’30’s, became a major rock star in the ’50’s, and has somehow/someway emerged onto the modern day music scene looking like his young adult self in 2018. Anyway, “Friend Zone,” one of the singles off of his new Instinct album, is the definition of vintage rock-n-roll. It features this explosive instrumental that is heavy on the drumming, guitar-play and piano notes, and roaring vocals from our lead artist that will remind you of Elvis in his heyday. But what I love most about the track is that it tackles a dreaded topic, turning it into something that is high-octane, positive-sounding and lots of fun! Considering that we’ve all been friend zone’d in our lives before, it’s refreshing to hear someone that is willing to share the many trials and tribulations that he went through in his journey to get out of it.

This song reminds me a lot of “Johnny Be Good” from back in the day (Marty McFly’s version, of course!).



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