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Tom Morello – We Don’t Need You (Ft. Vic Mensa) (Review & Stream)


Vic Mensa rants on records more than anyone else in the game.

Tom Morsello, a guitarist from Rage Against The Machine, has decided to drop a solo album, and the first single off of it, “We Don’t Need You,” featuring Vic Mensa, is as explosive as it gets! As expected, the song contains some pretty boisterous guitar-play, heavy-hitting drumming and lots of rebellious words from Vic Mensa. At times, Vic delivers those words in a somewhat tamed manner (offbeat, too), and in others, he sounds like the musical version of Gordon Ramsey. Nonetheless, the two artists are a perfect match for one another on this song.

How much do you want to bet that some time in his lifetime, Vic Mensa will be charged with some sort of disorderly conduct crime?



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