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That Kid Roy – Watch Me (Review & Stream)

That Kid Roy proves all his naysayers wrong in “Watch Me.”

“Watch Me” is hotter than Vegas in July. For one, the production on it is lit, boasting this heavy-hitting sound that aims to knock pictures off the wall and perturb all neighbors around you if played on some quality speakers. From there, you get raps from That Kid Roy that are explosive, punchline-heavy and highly impressive when it comes to flows (That Kid Roy seamlessly switches between a slow-paced and fast paced flow throughout). But in my opinion, the best part of this song is That Kid Roy’s confident lyrical content. Not only does he have this swagger to him that screams out I belong in this game, but his motivational words revolving around making it to the top, basking in success and dismissing lackluster competition definitely stood out to me.

That Kid Roy, you’re definitely on my radar now. I’m expecting greatness from you!



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