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Love Ghost – Nowhere, This Is The Truth and Tall Poppies (Review & Streams)

Listen, I know ghosts scare you, but trust me, these ghosts are very easy to love! Their insistence on giving listeners some of the rawest/most explosive rock music in the industry will inspire you, and their knack for creating music that makes you feel something will keep you hooked. Move over Casper, these ghosts might just be more lovable than you!




“Nowhere” is so much fun to listen to. Whether it’s the chilling viola weaves that aims to exude some tears out of you, the hard-hitting drumming that encourages you to bop your head violently, or the electrifying guitar-play that will make you want to smash the nearest object that looks like a fretted musical instrument, as a listener, you are treated to quite the musical experience.

I think the biggest draw of “Nowhere” is its youthful energy. Samsun hops on the song giving off a rebellious feel, but something about his part also feels pretty heartwarming. With the premise of the the track revolving around the misguided confidence teenagers have when reaching their dreams, I think its only right that musically you get lots and lots of vivacious energy.

I listened to this song while jumping up and down on my bed.




“This Is the Truth” is as beautiful as a ballad is going to get. As expected, it contains lots of soulful singing, and an instrumental that keeps poking at my already fragile heart.

Out of the three songs I reviewed by Love Ghost today, this might be the most heartfelt. On it, Samsun does a bit of soul-searching, hoping to find internal happiness despite all the distractions surrounding him. Both his words and the melody he sings with is sobering, and most importantly, he shows great vulnerability throughout his lyrics.

I love how this song is mostly somber, but at the end, turns into absolute mayhem! I’m talking drums banging, bass boomin’ and an absolutely ferocious guitar inception. Eventually, it returns back to its somber ways, but for that short moment of time, my brain turned into a fricassee.




“Tall Poppies” is a blend between “This Is The Truth” and “Nowhere.” It has it’s gentle moments, but at the same time, it’s very riveting. The premise of the song revolves around hate for the high class individuals of the world, and how that hate stemmed from the way these particular individuals viewed those they perceived as lower than them. The track boasts numbing vocals by the lead singer, a kick ass violin contribution, and some explosive guitar-play and drumming,




No matter how the music turns out, I always appreciate musicians who don’t mind wearing their hearts on their sleeves like Love Ghost does. Though these three songs I reviewed up there is a very small sample size of their work, I think it’s enough to tell that each individual in this group cares dearly about their craft, which I believe is the driving force behind the passionate rock music you hear. They also have youth on their side, an aspect that is impossible to emulate or fake. Their instrument-play, lyrical content and boisterous vocals talk directly to my soul, swaying it into places that are both dark and cautiously optimistic. I appreciate their music, their brand, and most importantly, their fearlessness.

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