ADHD Freestyle

Sad Frosty – ADHD Freestyle (Remix) (Ft. Rich The Kid) (Review & Stream)

Rich, are you dead or not? (What’s it going to be)

On Twitter yesterday, Rich The Kid said he was dead, so I guess this is a posthumous effort from him. Anyway, the Georgia native decided it was a good idea to rap over Sad Frosty’s zany ADHD Freestyle instrumental, and honestly, I think he killed it! Correct, his lyrical content revolving around f**king b*tches and murking people was mundane, but I loved his persistent flow on his raps. Seriously, the n***a attacked the beat like he belonged in the discussion with the greats! (I hope you can read my partial sarcasm)

Sad Frosty looks like the dude that towed my car yesterday. B*tch, I did have my guest decal on!



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