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JoeMayk – Lovers Memories (Review & Stream)

JoeMayk tugs at listener’s heartstrings by recounting Lovers Memories in his new song.

If you’re a fan of Carlos Santana, then there’s very little chance you won’t feel the same way about JoeMayk. On “Lovers Memories,” the Hispanic influence of his Venezuelan heritage is easily heard in the instrumental backing his vocals and guitar.

Like many of the songs on his album, Drive Somewhere, released earlier this summer, “Lovers Memories” is upbeat. Although the lyrics are nostalgic, the background music made me dance in my chair and put a smile on my face. It’s clear as day that JoeMayk is passionate about his music, as he should be because it’s good!

Many of the songs featured on his album are about love and romance, so if you’re nursing a budding summer romance, give Drive Somewhere a listen on Spotify and iTunes.



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